ad Reginae
By Lillith Janvier

Disclaimer: The characters are Rowling's. The plot is mine. No money is being made.
Note: This bit of fluff takes place in the Golem universe, during the events of chapters 7 and 8.

Draco Malfoy sat at home in the study. The Auror’s and Yard’s reports detailing the murders and rare book thefts of the past year languished unread on his large desk. His thoughts, as he stared moodily into the flames of the fireplace, centered on his wife, one Regina Edana Malfoy, née Weasley, who was late ... again. Draco had arrived home to an apologetic House-Elf, had eaten dinner alone, and had retired to his study ... to sulk.

He repeatedly told himself that he was not going to become one of those husbands who resented their wives’ drive and ambition. But, damn it, he missed her. They had seen each other infrequently over the past week because Ginny had been occupied with the conference of Whirling Dervishes at the Center for Near Eastern Mystic Studies. Draco knew his wife’s official title was something like “Chief of Protocol and Public Affairs.” Her real duties, however, involved taking in more information than she released to those pesky reporters camped out on the Ministry’s steps. Draco smiled at the thought that Ginny, a brash, red-headed, Weasley Gryffindor, was the Ministry of Magic’s spy master. The Ministry rumor was she rivaled Walsingham in knowledge and ability. By the end of the last war, even Severus Snape, lone-wolf extraordinaire, was reporting to her. She knew anything and everything that went on in the Ministry--except she did not know that for the past week her good friend Hermione Granger had been in Paris residing in the flat of the aforementioned Severus Snape. His knowledgeable wife also did not know that Draco and Agrippa had sent Hermione to Paris themselves. Draco knew his wife did not know about Hermione’s change of residence, because if she did, he would be in a cauldron up to his ears in boiling oil. Paris was Ginny’s favorite city. Of course, Ginny’s lack of knowledge would not last for long. In fact ...

The sudden slam of the front door interrupted Draco’s sulking.

“Azzie,” the acerbic voice of his wife called to the House-Elf in charge. “Where is my husband hiding?”

She found out, thought Draco with a grin.

Pulling one over on his brilliant and beautiful wife was an incredibly rare and somewhat joyous event.

“The Master is in the study, Mistress,” said Azzie in her high-pitched, squeaky voice. “Will you be needing anything?”

“No,” Ginny replied, tone still sharp. “Make sure we’re not disturbed.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said the House-Elf.

Draco sat up straighter in his chair as the tap, tap, tapping of his wife’s rapid footsteps grew louder as she approached the study. The double doors opened with a whoosh. Draco schooled his expression and turned mild, bored, gray eyes to regard the figure of his wife standing in the doorway, arms crossed, foot tapping impatiently, brown eyes blazing.

Magnificent, he thought.

“Good evening, love,” he drawled indolently. “How was the reception? Aren’t you home early?”

“Draconus Étienne Malfoy!” She pointed her finger at Draco, who calmly sipped his whisky.

Oh, yes, she knows, he thought.

“I cannot believe you . . .”

As Ginny stalked toward him, pausing to lock and ward the doors, Draco considered the figure of his wife. Dressed in full wizard formal regalia, she had piled her flame red hair on top of her head. A few artfully curled tendrils brushed her pale shoulders. Draco could just see their pattern of freckles. A plush, beryl-green, velvet gown in a modified medieval style caressed her slender curves. The straight neckline dipped in a subtle indentation that hinted at the décolletage underneath, and then it blended into the off-the-shoulder sleeves, which sheathed her arms in velvet from upper arm to an inch below her wrists. Draped skirts fell from a slender waist to swish around legs that Draco soon hoped to have wrapped around his waist. A sharp poke cut off his lustful thoughts.

“So, when were you planning on telling me?” Ginny demanded.


“Didn’t you think I’d find out?”


“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Draco reached up and swiftly captured Ginny’s wrist before she could poke him again. He looked at his wife with heavy lidded, slumberous eyes. Her velvet-covered torso rose and fell with her rapid breathing. She tugged her arm against his grasp. She tugged again.

“Let me go,” she said.

Draco’s lips curved up in a slow, sly smile. He shook his head no. And when Ginny tugged against his grasp again, he rose, snaked his other arm around her waist, and pulled her flush against his body.

“Draco,” she said testily. “This is not going to get you off ... ”

“Oh, I assure you, my dear, it most certainly will.”

Draco’s mouth met her open lips and absorbed Ginny’s huff of irritation. His tongue, taking advantage of opportunity, swept in to stroke against hers.

The hand that held her wrist stroked up her arm, paused to cup and rub her bare shoulder before rising to tangle in her upswept hair. Draco’s other hand smoothed down her spine to rest just above the swell of her ass. He spread his fingers across the soft velvet covering her back and pushed. In response, Ginny arched into his body. Her pelvis rubbed gently against his. Her arms twined around his neck for support as she sagged against him. The hand at her waist moved up, and his fingers tangled in the laces that fastened the gown. His hand found the bow, untied it, and pulled against the neckline. The dress gaped at the front giving a hint of the lace of her corset covering pale round breasts. Draco ran his hand across the tops of her breasts, smiling when he saw the gooseflesh follow behind his fingers.

Draco’s mouth trailed his hand, and Ginny gasped when he nibbled at a particularly sensitive spot under her jaw. Her hand slid from around his neck, and she clutched at his shoulders while he sucked gently at her neck.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “You are evil. You know that, don’t you?”

As he worried the sensitive spot at the base of her neck, Ginny’s hands started on the buttons of Draco’s black, wool robes. When the robes and the shirt underneath were gaping open, Ginny slid her hands in and ran them up and down Draco’s smooth, muscled chest.

“Yes, sweet,” he whispered in her ear. She brushed her fingers over his nipples.

Draco’s hands were equally busy. They had pulled her dress bodice down to her waist, and his hands had come up to cup her breasts. Ginny moaned throatily as his thumbs circled her nipples, sometimes giving the barest brushes across their erect tips.

“Ooh, please ... “ she moaned and shuddered as his mouth found the left nipple and one hand continued gently to pluck and pinch the right. One of her hands buried themselves in his hair, convulsively clutching at his head. He switched his mouth to her other breast, laving and sucking the taunt flesh through the silver lace of her lingerie. Draco raised his head and smiled at the look of sleepy arousal on his wife’s face. Her eyes were soft and unfocused. Her mouth open to allow for her panted breathing. Her breasts had always been extremely sensitive.

Draco steadied Ginny as he walked her backwards to the chaise across from the chair where he had been sitting. At the pressure from his hands, she sank gracefully down to recline against the cushioned back. She had recovered enough to peel the velvet from her arms and lift her hips as Draco pulled the green gown off her body. She languidly met his intense gaze as he took in the satin and sheer lace of the corset covering her torso and the matching garters holding up silky black hose. She had omitted her knickers.

“You appear to have forgotten something,” he said, placing one knee on the chaise and bending to clasp an ankle. She smiled.

“Darling,” Ginny drawled. “As much as I love the way you look in your robes, could you please get rid of them? The wool scratches.”

“Just the robes?” He shrugged out of them and stood before her in an open white shirt and black wool trousers. She slipped her right foot out of her shoe and raised it to rub gently at the crotch.

“I think you can dispense with the rest as well,” she waved her hands and murmured some throaty Latin. Draco’s clothes melted away from his body, and he basked in the appreciative regard of his wife’s darkened brown eyes.

She held out her arms, “Come here.”

“Patience, sweet, patience,” he said and resumed stroking her ankle. He worked his way up her calf, pausing to rub the back of her knee. He trailed his fingers along the inside of her thigh. Upon reaching the end of her stocking, he ran his hand back down her leg. He took her ankle and set her foot back into her shoe and then down on the floor. He treated her other leg to the same stroking. Ginny's huffing and writhing signaled her frustration with this slowness. Both of the times that he had run his fingers up her inner thigh just brushing her pubic hair and then retreating, she’d tried to arch into his touch, to show him by moving her body what she wanted, but he’d ignored her.

“Draco,” she whimpered, as her other foot reached the floor. If she sat up, she’d be straddling the chaise. As it was, her legs were spread open and Draco knew the skin between them would be slick and hot.

Draco gazed at his wife’s reclining form. She gazed up at him and opened her arms. He kneeled on the end of the chaise and slowly lowered himself onto Ginny’s waiting body. Her heated, willing flesh immediately tempted him to press forward into her, but Draco decided to forgo instant gratification for a more prolonged pleasure. Looking down on his wife’s dreamy expression, he arched into her hands that were kneading up and down his back and ass. He chuckled, feeling her hands cup his butt and try to push him forward into her.

“Draco, please,” she moaned again.

“Please what?” he whispered into her ear. He ran his tongue around the lobe to soothe the brief hurt of his nibbles. Her hands tugged at his hair. At her insistence, he raised his head and was promptly lost in a kiss.

Draco knew Ginny was impatient with his resistance to her demands for completion. No amount of pressure on his back or ass had any effect. And while he knew she liked his attentions towards her ear and neck, he did not resist her clutch at his head or her grip pulling his mouth from her neck and down to her own. Draco’s lips parted with the touch of her tongue around his and he groaned when she slid her tongue into his mouth to stroke his. Then, she broke the kiss to nibble at his lips before starting the process all over again. Her hands stroked his chest and shoulders and her legs had curled up and around his thighs. To tease her, Draco bushed the head of his cock against her opening. He smiled when Ginny tried to arch into him to distract him into entering her. He knew she desperately wanted to feel him slide into her, but he wouldn’t oblige. He’d nudge at her entrance, sliding in briefly, but not enough to give her what she wanted.

Draco broke off her kiss and licked and nibbled his way down her neck.

“Oooh,” she sighed. He paused to suck and nibble on the hollow at the base of her throat.

He raised his head and looked down at her. “What do you want, dearest heart? Hmmmm?” He rubbed his cock against her slick labia. “Do you want me inside you? Or, do you want to wait?” He brushed his mouth against hers. Her breathing was coming in pants. “I have yet to properly taste your beautiful breasts.”

He leaned his weight against the side of the chaise and cupped her breast. He brushed his thumb over her nipple, and then traced the line of the lace covering it. He slipped his fingers under the lace and peeled it down over the freckled flesh. He repeated the caress on the other breast, then paused to admire his handy work. Just for good measure, Draco trailed his hand down her torso and stomach to tangle his fingers in her pubic hair. He slid one long finger between her labia to the wet, hot flesh between her legs.

Ginny groaned and arched into his touch.

“Draco, please, I want you inside me,” she cried.

“Not yet, sweet ... patience,” he replied, smiling. He bent his head and captured one rosy nipple in his mouth. He tongued the erect nipple and suckled, pulling at the taunt nub of flesh. Ever so gently, he’d bite down, just nipping at the rosy skin. Ginny writhed and arched underneath his ministrations. He alternated suckling her breast and stroking the skin between her legs. His fingers dipped into the slit and then whispered against her clitoris.

“Ahhh,” she cried straining up into his touch.

“Yes, love,” he said huskily. “I know. I’ve missed you also.”

Ginny whimpered in response.

Draco felt the tension rise in his wife’s body. She bucked her hips against his hand. Her feet grasped at the sides of the chaise, unable to gain a purchase against the floor and keep her clit in contact with the flitting touches of his hand.

“Draaaco,” she whined, tossing her head restlessly.

“Hmmmmm,” he murmured against her satin covered stomach.

“Don’t I get to reciprocate?” Ginny kneaded his shoulders. Draco lifted his head to stare up at her pretty flushed face.

“No,” he said. “Let me.” He bent his head and licked long and slow along her spread labia. He flicked his tongue against her hard clitoris.

Ginny sank back against the padded back of the chaise and gave herself up to the overwhelming pleasure that Draco know would short out the circuits of her brain.

Her hips bucked against the mouth that tongued her clit and the two fingers that pressed against the front wall of her vagina. Draco smiled at Ginny’s reaction. He felt the muscles of her thighs strain to support her arching back. He continued his leisurely mouthing of her clit. The slow pace, he knew, would drive her crazy. Draco loved the quick pace Ginny usually preferred, but tonight he wanted to take his time.

“Please, please, don’t stop,” Ginny chanted. He withdrew his fingers and soothed the taunt muscles of her legs. “You stopped,” she accused.

He smiled. “Sorry,” he whispered and bent his head back down to suck gently at the sensitized nub of nerves. Suddenly, Ginny stiffened and then convulsed as tremors raced up and down her body.

Draco grinned, and his wife slumped limply on the chaise. Before she could even open her eyes, he rose up and slid his aching penis into her slick sheath. Ginny’s eyes popped open and her legs came up to circle Draco’s waist.

He slowly withdrew and thrust back in setting an easy pace.

“Uhhhhh.” Ginny arched her neck against Draco’s lips and teeth nipping and sucking along her jaw.

“Gods, Ginny, you are so hot,” he ground out. “I don’t think I can ...” Draco’s body stiffened and convulsed. He bucked his hips--once, twice, and a brief third, before he collapsed onto his wife, who hugged him to her and kissed his ear.

A few minutes later, Draco rolled off Ginny and to his side. She opened her eyes and smiled up at his face.

“Now, about Paris,” she said.

“What about it?”

“I have taken the next week off,” Ginny said. “I think we should go.”

“Do you?” Draco whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” answered Ginny. “I have something else to tell you.”

“Mmmmm?” Draco was kissing along Ginny’s shoulder.

She ducked her head to allow him access to the nape of her neck. “I destroyed Lucius’ scrolls today. You’re free from the Ministry's indenture.”

Draco stilled. He ran his hand over the tattooed scar on Ginny’s shoulder. “You could lose your job,” he said quietly.

Ginny looked over her shoulder. She could just see in her peripheral vision the Dark Mark tattoo.

“They wouldn’t dare.” Her voice was hard.

Draco raised an eyebrow.

“I know too much.”

He smiled.

“Now about Paris,” said his wife. “Can we go to Cadolle?”

Draco raised Ginny’s hand to his mouth and brushed a kiss over the knuckles.

“I love you.”

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